The Cheapest Cancun Airport Car Rental from $1.5 Day


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When renting a car in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, your best option is to have it delivered it to you at the Cancun’s Airport. By doing so, you will have control of your vacation from the start! Meaning, you will have more time to do what matters most, enjoying your family, going to the beach, and having a great time in Cancun and the Riviera Maya on your schedule.

Fortunately for you, Elite Car Rental has staff on the Cancun’s International Airport that will greet you on your arrival and deliver your rented car you right from the start. When renting your car, please select as a location, Cancun International Airport.

After renting your car and arriving at Cancun consider the following:

  • Please remember to have your immigration and customs papers ready before getting down of the plane, the Airport will have staff checking the papers right at the exit of the plane’s tunnel
  • Follow the signs all the way until you get to immigration and patiently wait until an officer is ready for you
  • Pick up your bags and head through customs where you will have to place all your luggage and bags under a quick scanner before seeing the official who will kindly ask you to press a button and see if you’re selected for a random inspection
  • After customs, proceed all the way to the exit of the airport, ignore all representatives dressed in beige, who will try to sell you with time share, transportation and car rental
  • Once outside, look for our representative from our sister company Happy Shuttle Cancun who is dressed in a lime shirt who will kindly take you to a private shuttle who will drive you directly to our Office next to the airport where you will get your car

Once you have your Car, here is some driving tips in Cancun and surrounding destinations

Feel free to go wherever you want! Cancun’s hotel zone is just 15 minutes away from Cancun’s International Airport, just keep straight the Airport’s main street following all the indications and going over Carretera Cancun-Tulum (307).

If you rented your car to go towards Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, instead of going straight, take the exit on the right to take Carretera Cancun-Tulum (307) and head south where Playa del Carmen is only 40 minutes away. If you keep driving further south, the Ruins and the City of Tulum are located like about an hour and 20 minutes from the airport.

If you choose to go downtown Cancun from the Airport, you need to go north into Carretera Cancun-Tulum (307). To successfully take this road, after seeing the fork where you can go to the Hotel Zone and Playa del Carmen, keep straight, go over Carretera Cancun-Tulum and instead of keeping straight to go to the Hotel Zone, take a slight right to incorporate yourself into the road.